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Products | Temperature/humidity controller InReg-D Schischek GmbH ExplosionproofEx..In..

Industrial temperature/humidity controller InReg-D
Protection class IP66 | not Explosion proof, for industrial applications


Temperature/humidity controller for °C/%rH

InReg-D-CT with seawater resistant offshore/marine coating

Offshore/marine coated InReg-D-CT

Description – Electric temperature/humidity controller InReg-D

  • Control of temperature and humidity in safe areas in industrial HVAC ventilation systems
  • Can be configured directly on site (in safe area)
  • Fewer components
  • No necessity to install safety barriers or to use special wiring
  • Integral PID loop
  • Optional available in stainless steel or with offshore/marine coating


-40...+125 °C / 0...100 %rH24 VAC / DC3 secondsPID controller, control mode auto or manualMonitoring temperature/humidity, adjustable funtions with alarm delayMaintenance freeLCD Backlight, defeatable
Switching status LEDs
IP66 / Aluminium casting, coated-20°...+50°C, 0...95 %rHover integrated terminal boxL × W × H = 180 (CT = 187) × 107 × 66 mmL × W × H = 215 × 125 × 68 mm~ 0,95 kg / VA ~ 2,3 kg / CT ~ 1,1 kgsafe area

Delivery – InReg-D

  • Electric temperature/humidity controller with integrated terminal box
  • 3 × Tapping screw Ø 4,2 × 13 mm

Special model in stainless steel – InReg-D-...-VA

  • Stainless steel housing similar AISI 316, some parts nickel plated

Special model painted (coated) – InReg-D-...-CT

  • Aluminium housing offshore/marine coated, seawater resistant, cable
    glands nickel plated, screws in stainless steel

Accessories – InReg-D

  • InMax-...-CY: control actuator, 4...20 mA input, 0...10 V output
  • InMax-...-CYF: control actuator as above, but with spring return
  • InPro-CT-...: Suitable temperature sensor for connection on InReg-D controller. Sensor length from 50 up to 200 mm.
  • InPro-CF-...: Suitable humidity sensor for connection on InReg-D controller. Sensor length from 50 up to 200 mm.
  • Mounting bracket for round air ducts up to Ø 600 mm
  • M16 standard cable glands in brass nickel plated
  • M20 cable glands in brass nickel plated for armoured cables
    (Offshore applications)
  • Heating system InPolar for use with InReg controllers under low temperatures down to −40 °C
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