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Application Areas | FPSO, Shipbuilding, Offshore, Onshore Schischek Colour Code

Control systems (in hazardous areas) according ATEX
for FPSO, shipbuilding, offshore, onshore, oil&gas industry, ...

Actuators and sensors for FPSO, ship-building, offshore, onshore

Harsh environmental conditions make stringent design/construction demands on components and materials. Designers of oil/gas platforms all over the world required a fast closing electric actuator for fire/smoke dampers of less than
one second. Today thousands of Schischek actuators in special AISI 316 stainless steel or C5-M painted housings, resistant against harsh climate and environments, have been delivered and installed. In addition the product range has been further refined continuously.

AGIP, ARAMCO Overseas Company, Blohm & Voss AG, British Petroleum, Carrier, Caspian Drilling Corp., Chevron, Dubai Petroleum Company,
Emirates Petroleum Company, Eni, Exxon Mobile, Global Santa Fe, KPO B.V., Halliburton, Liebherr, Movenco, ÖMV, Shell, Statoil Hydro, Texaco, Total, Wilhelmsen Callenberg, Wintershall ...

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Colour Code

ATEX products for
zone 1, 2, 21, 22
(e.g. ExMax+LIN)

ATEX products for
zone 2, 22
(e.g. RedMax+LIN)

Products for
safe area
(e.g. InMax+LIN)

C5-M (Marine)
painted versions
(e.g. ..Bin..-CT / OCT)

Stainless steel versions AISI 316
(e.g. ExMax-..-VAM)