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Linear valve actuators with spring return RedMax + LIN
ATEX 94/9/EC | zone 2, 22

RedMax + LIN linear valve actuators with spring return

Linear valve actuators | 500-3.000 N

Measurements of linear unit LIN: L × W × H = 160 × 141 × 206 (+ stroke) mm

Measurements in mm

Description – Linear valve actuator with spring return RedMax + LIN

  • RedMax + LIN linear valve actuators with spring return for automation of globe- or 3-way valves
  • Use as actuator with safety function in hazardous areas in zone 2 or 22, On-off or 3-pos. actuator or modulating actuator

RedMax + LIN – Linear unit

500-3.000 N24-240 VAC / DC50-60 HZ10 / 15 / 20 / 30 / 42 mm0,1-15 sec./mm3 / 10 sec. (size S), 20 sec. (size M)On-off, 3-pos, 0-10 V DC, 4-20 mAover integrated terminal box16 x 16 mmAluminium / IP66 (actuator)-20°…+40°C (at T6) / -20°…+50°C (at T5)Cable ca. 1 mapprox. 8 kg (size S), approx. 14 kg (size M)gases, mists, vapours, dustzone 2, 22II 3(1) G Ex nC [ia] IIC T6, II 3 G Ex nC II T6II 3 D Ex tD A22 IP66 T80 °C

Recommended actuator RedMax-..-F.. in acc. of force (N) and max. stroke (mm) *

Type LIN LIN-10 LIN-15 LIN-20 LIN-30 LIN-40 Actuator
Force\Stroke 10 mm 15 mm 20 mm 30 mm 42 mm suitable
500 N RedMax-15-F.. RedMax-15-F.. RedMax-15-F.. RedMax-15-F.. RedMax-30-F..
800 N RedMax-15-F.. RedMax-15-F.. RedMax-15-F.. RedMax-30-F.. RedMax-30-F..
1.000 N RedMax-15-F.. RedMax-15-F.. RedMax-30-F.. RedMax-30-F.. RedMax-50-F..
1.500 N RedMax-15-F.. RedMax-30-F.. RedMax-30-F.. RedMax-50-F.. RedMax-50-F..
2.000 N RedMax-30-F.. RedMax-30-F.. RedMax-50-F.. RedMax-50-F..
2.500 N RedMax-30-F.. RedMax-50-F.. RedMax-50-F..
3.000 N RedMax-30-F.. RedMax-50-F.. RedMax-50-F..
* by intermediate strokes the next bigger actuator is required!


  • Linear unit, suitable for all ..Max-..-F actuators size S or M

Valve adaptation / neccessary accessories

  • To select the right valve adaptation and get the right price information
    the following data are required:

    1. Valve manufacturer
    2. Valve type
    3. Valve nominal size (diameter) DN

  • For adaptations which are still designed by Schischek this data are minimum requirements
  • To design new adaptations we need additional details of the valve body
    as well as drawings
  • At purchase order you have to order both parts – actuator + adaptation
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